Your business is built on your people, systems and information

Your business is built on your people, your systems and your information.
Take any of them away and you're in trouble.

Info Safety
Travel Security
Armed Attacks
Business Continuity
Crisis Management
Personal Preparedness
Physical Security


Crisis Guardian can help

In these unprecedented times, as the COVID-19 outbreak impacts businesses across the world, we’re here to help.

We know that engaging with staff, reassuring them and providing clear guidance to them is crucial.

We’re supporting our clients with COVID-19 awareness films and guides to ensure staff are aware of what is expected of them on site and when working from home.

CGX, our dedicated crisis platform with integrated web conferencing is helping crisis teams around the world to facilitate their crisis response.

And our COVID-19 Get Ahead Exercises are preparing crisis teams for new and unfolding impacts - with ready to go civil unrest, cyber attack and utilities failure exercises.

Contact our MD Eric Thompson to find out how we can support you during the pandemic

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How strong are you?

How strong are you?

Businesses need to be resilient, secure, able to meet challenging situations head-on and still keep moving forward. At Crisis Guardian, we've helped some of the world's biggest businesses to achieve that. We've been doing it for over 20 years and have picked up awards for innovation along the way.

Your people are your bedrock

To build true resilience, you need to get everyone on board - at every level of the company. We can help you get your people engaged, raise their awareness, inform and train them.

Our Clients

We’re trusted by the best

In the past we've helped numerous companies just like yours. Get in touch if you'd like us to work with you too.

Here's how we help you

Training Strategies

Campaign Planning

Production Management

Budget Management

Mobile Learning and Apps
Support Resources
Exercise Scenarios

Keeping people and information secure

We can show your people how to stay safe – at work, at home or on the move. And we can educate them in how to keep the information they work with secure. Physical security and information security are key to a resilient business.

Safe at work

Information safe

Safe travel

Safe at home

Cyber Stats:

According to global association, ISACA, 74% of firms believe they'll be targeted by an Advanced Persistent Threat at some point, but only 67% state that they are ready to respond to such an occurrence when it happens.
Confronting a crisis

Confronting a crisis

Your people need to be prepared and your teams need to know what's expected of them. We know about Crisis Management and Business Continuity and we can provide everything they need for challenging and totally realistic exercises.

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CGX from Crisis Guardian

Welcome to the future of exercising

Times change, security threats change, technologies change – and we are changing with them to remain at the forefront of resilience awareness and education.

Our latest innovation is CGX – a next-generation cloud-based platform that brings a whole new dimension to crisis management exercising.

By invitation

If you'd like your business to be considered as an exclusive client express your interest here:

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Empowering the entire workforce

A resilient business is one where everyone is aware of the threats a company can face, and knows how to respond. Resilience doesn't just happen – it needs to be built. And Crisis Guardian can help you build it.


“Ana is preparing to fly abroad on business; she’s completing an eLearning module on Travel Security”

Awareness posters

“People pass this poster hundreds of times a day. It’s constantly reminding them to keep their passwords safe”

Intranet films

“The YouTube vlog that Carlos is watching isn’t what it seems. Crisis Guardian has created it to teach him how to avoid phishing attacks”


“In the past, the crisis team couldn’t involve their New York and London offices at the same time in a realistic, media-rich exercise. With CGX, they can”

Interactive presentations

“Vijay and his team are in a Workplace Violence awareness session. They’ve just watched a film on how to respond to an armed attack and are now taking part in an activity on spotting the danger signs and reporting them”


“José has downloaded a guide on security in the workplace”

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